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There is an industry out there where businesses try to outdo one another by offering the best in faked notes from doctors. These are meant to be excuse notes that can be used in place of the real thing. For instance, if a person lost their doctor note or just needed some time off but didn’t have a legitimate excuse for doing so. The faked note could be used in place of a real one and allow them some time off work to get rid of some stress and feel reenergized for work when they return.


But how often do these fake notes work? Wary consumers may wonder if they would be wasting their money and jeopardizing their job at the same time. It’s always a risk to lie to one’s employer, but this industry is managing to do so well because at least some of the companies offering the fake notes are doing just fine.

Most employers see a number of notes from doctors each month, and these are of all varieties. Few of them look nearly the same, so they are used to seeing some very diverse notes. They may also be so busy that they don’t have time to look too closely at the notes. However, there are companies out there offering what are quite obviously fakes. Those are going to get the employees in trouble, and they should be buying doctor’s note and other sites that have been verified to provide legitimate looking notes.

If the note looks real enough, most employers are not going to question it. There is the risk of abusing the notes and using them too often, which can make the employer suspicious, but if the employee isn’t doing that and is using the notes conservatively, then that isn’t much of a risk.

This industry is doing well and people are repeatedly buying the notes from these businesses because they work. Most employers will never know they have been fooled, and the employees can enjoy the time off they have given themselves.